si joint pain

Assessment and treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SI Joint Pain) utilizing isolated resistance training and manual mobilization in a chronic worker’s compensation population.

M.D. Avillar     J. G. Keating       V. Sims



Incidences of lower back pain continue to escalate, both in number and in total cost to health-care systems (Kelsey & White 1980). This trend of increased injury and cost continues in spite of large increases in research and funding that is directed at all areas of spine care. Low back pain is a 50 billion dollar a year growth industry in our society (Graves et al 1990a).

Waddell (1980) nates that there has been an epidemic of low back pain in the Western world since 1956. The reason behind this phenomenon is unclear; however, it is believed that the increase can be attributed to increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the sedentary work roles that are developed in a society based on information. Read More